Friday, February 2, 2007


A blog-based means of documenting and developing an exciting new writing project, that of a new nonfiction book proposed as a unique and hithero unavailable resource for patients with pain and those who care about them.

Written by prolific writer and world class pain specialist, Richard B. Patt, M.D. this project proposes a detailed exploration of the issues that relate specifically to treating chronic pain with narcotics (opioid analgesics or strong painkillers) in today's complex medical enviornment. This contrasts with the self help books for chronic pain that are currently available which are more general and tend to treat this controversial topic incompletely and often from a biased or antiquated viewpoint.

The current project will document the major changes in thought and practice currently underway and posits a refreshing and welcome viewpoint that, with adequate resources and careful effort the safe and effective treatment of most cases of chronic pain can be accomplished with the ongoing use of narcotic analgesics (opioids) as a main component of treatment. Endorsing therapies previously shunned altogether or reserved for the actively dying, In a candid appraisal of the relative merits and pitfalls of this versus other approaches, Dr. Patt dispels exaggerated concerns about addiction and other risks.

The underling goal of this project is to provide essential baseline knowledge and real world tools to empower patients, family members and care providers to help achieve lasting mastery over chronic pain.